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The first step to an effective pest control treatment is the preparation of your home. It's necessary to keep each of your home items away from the treatment area to ensure you and your family members are safe and comfortable.


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Prepare your home before a pest control treatment

Items to be protected or removed from the treatment area

  • Pets - including fish in aquariums.

  • Houseplants

  • Fresh food - fruits, vegetables, etc.

  • Food that melts - chocolate, candy, etc.

  • Prescription and over-the-counter drugs

  • Cosmetics

  • Wax-based items - candles, wax figurines and fruits, lipsticks

  • Anything pressurized - spray cans, fire extinguishers, oxygen bottles, hairspray, etc.

  • Flammables - lighters, lamp fuel, alcohol, solvents, etc.

  • Wooden and stringed musical instruments - leave the cases

  • Family heirlooms and irreplaceable items should be inspected and a determination made  whether they should be treated.

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